Hello everyone,

My name is Vincent Mantuo from Renew Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.

Did you know 50% of our muscles operate at only half of their efficiency rate? That means, half the energy, strength, power, force, and reaction and recovery time.

This is caused by a number of imbalances in our bodies the most common being muscle length discrepancies.

Imagine how your life would be if your muscles could utilize 70%, 90% or even 100% of their efficiency rate. This video explains how Structural Energetic Therapy ® uses revolutionary techniques to restore key muscle functions making all this possible.

The number one question we want to address is, what is Structural Energetic Therapy ® and how is it different from massage therapy?

Structural Energetic Therapy ® is the integration of 3 techniques with the goal of rebalancing the structure and muscles to provide lasting relief from a number of acute and chronic conditions. We’ll briefly touch on them now.

First is Cranial Structural Releases, unique to the Structural Energetic Therapy ® method, this technique releases tension in tight areas to provide structural support, this allows the whole body to loosen and open up, ultimately providing more support and balance to both the skeletal and muscular structure. This helps the body become stronger and gets rid of pain in multiple areas.

The second technique is Specialized Myofascial Soft Tissue Protocols. This treatment releases tension from muscles and tissues that are tight, plus, works to stabilize those that are loose with the goal of finding a perfect balance between the two extremes. In addition it releases scar tissue, adhesions, and chronic tightened connective tissue.

Finally, there’s the Energetic Healing Technique. On a daily basis, energy flows through the body - you can think of it like a roadway - sometimes just like on any road, there’s a traffic jam causing the body’s energy flow to get stuck or remain slow moving. It works the same way in the body if the muscles and tissues are too tight or too loose; this causes blockages making it hard or impossible to move certain parts of the body without pain.

Together these techniques not only restore structural balance, but provide lasting relief and a better quality of life.

This innovative therapy is effective for many different conditions, to view condition-specific videos and to see a complete list, visit the website. You can also give me a call anytime to discuss your case and treatment options. Together we’ll make your quality of life, better.